In alignment with our vision, we at Umeed Academy have adopted a holistic approach for our children.

We follow ICSE curriculum with special emphasis on out-come based learning, discussion, debates and interdisciplinary learning. We have developed a well-integrated system of curriculum, instruction and assessment where learning outcomes, teaching objectives and goals are clearly defined for teachers. We do not want our children to become knowledge banks in future , but rather good capable human beings with the capacity to transform self and others into responsible, dignified individuals with a strong civic sense and a sound character.

Each class has a lesson plan to follow. The lesson plans are divided into 3 categories, which are, an annual plan, a weekly plan and a daily plan. While the annual lesson plan incorporates what is to be taught, the weekly lesson plan focuses on the objectives and the daily lesson plan encapsulates the methods of implementing the other two plans. For Muslim children, in particular we provide instruction in Quran recitation, Islamic History, Seerah, Dua Hadeeth and Islamic etiquettes. .