Future Plans

Initially what was merely a vision to us and a frivolous notion for others, an academy that started with just 3 orphan kids in a 1000 square feet apartment, after relentless toiling and commitment transpired into a 6000 square feet premises that impart quality education and holistic nourishment of both body and mind to more than 230 destitute and helpless children.

It is after 4 years of rigorous and selfless hard work that we have been able to acquire 2 acres of land upon which we shall lay the foundation of a School, one that will comprise of a hostel, a playground and all the necessary components of a residential academy, one that shall emanate and amplify the dream that is Umeed, a haven of quality education and a sanctuary of hope. The hope that inspires us to continue working towards bringing about a positive change in the world.

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