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Our Logo

The logo of Umeed Academy symbolizes and embodies all the principles that form the cornerstone of the academy. On the top we have an adult shaking hands with a child, which signifies two important things, the first one being the agreement between a man and a child to change the world and second one being the act of a man who uplifted a child from poverty into a brighter future. The man and child are surrounded by the sun which symbolizes the brighter future and has the open pages of a book as it’s roots, which signifies the importance of education and learning in trying to achieve the goal. 

The lower half of the logo is an embodiment of the 4 core principles that are courage, truth, justice and unity and leadership, which have been represented by the 4 symbols visible on the logo.The colour yellow at the background of the logo denotes brighter future that we aim at providing all our children. These 4 principles have been inspired from the works of the famous poet Muhammad Iqbal, who wrote the song “Saare Jahan se Acha” and uttered the two famous lines upon which the logo is based. The lines are ” sabak phir parh tu shuja-at ka, sadaqat ka, adalat ka, liya jaayega kaam tujhse duniya ki imamat ka”, where he reminds the youth to relearn the lessons of courage, truth and justice and if you do so you shall become leaders of the world.

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