House Parents

Our children stay away from their home and stay at Umeed for 12 hours a day. They stay away from their guardians for a long time hence we make sure that we give them a caring and holistic atmosphere. As a result we donít have the concept of wardens at Umeed. Our teachers residing at Umeed are called House Parents instead as they take care of the children like their own. There are 4 house parents who have been with us through the beginning and are the pillars of Umeed. They stay at the premises and teach the students. They are:

Boy's Section

Seraj Akhtar & Bridget Akhtar- this highly exprerienced couple lives at Umeed as house parents for the boyís section and have worked at some of the most renowned schools across the nation, among them Carman Residential School (1992-2007), Kasiga International School (2008-2011), Indian Cambridge School (2011-2016) and Genesis Global School. Mrs Akhter worked at Colonel Brown School in Dehradun as well.

Girl's Section

Brenda Scott- She is the head of the Girls' section at Umeed. She was a warden with Loreto House. She takes care of our girls and teaches them English and Math.

Wasima Khatoon- She is a young and pious woman and she is a certified aalima. She got her aalima’s degree from Madarsa Fatimatul Banaat, Mumbra, Maharashtra. She is currently a house parent at Umeed Girls’ Section and also teaches Qu’ran and Islamic tarbiyat to our girls.