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In alignment with our vision, we at Umeed Academy have adopted a holistic approach for our children. We aim at providing education of the privileged to the underprivileged. To achieve that goal, we follow the CBSE curriculum with special emphasis on out-come based learning, discussion, debates and interdisciplinary learning. We have developed a well-integrated system of curriculum, instruction and assessment where learning outcomes, teaching objectives and goals are clearly defined for teachers. We do not want our children to become knowledge banks in the future , but rather good capable human beings with the capacity to transform self and others into responsible, dignified individuals with a strong civic sense and a sound character.
 Each class has a lesson plan to follow. The lesson plans are divided into 3 categories, which are, an annual plan, a weekly plan and a daily plan. While the annual lesson plan incorporates what is to be taught, the weekly lesson plan focuses on the objectives and the daily lesson plan encapsulates the methods of implementing the other two plans. 
All the classrooms have smart class installed,since we believe in visual as well as auditory learning. For Muslim children, in particular we provide instruction in Quran recitation, Islamic History, Seerah, Dua Hadeeth and Islamic etiquettes.
The academic year is organised into six instructional cycles, with each cycle’s conclusion being either an assessment test or a term exam that serves to measure the students’ progress in accordance with specific evaluation standards. We also believe in the holistic development of our students, that is done through Continuous Class Evaluation(CCE). Numerous activities and contests are held during the session in the premise these enjoyable activities complement excellent instruction.

Books & Uniform

Umeed Academy tends to take pride in the fact that it sponsors everything that is essential for education, including the books, stationary, and uniforms;for all its students , those are the major aspects where most people cease. Umeed Academy not only sponsors education for the underprivileged children, but also everything that goes alongside it.

Food and Health

Umeed Academy strives to provide the students proper nutrition. When our students first came to us,they were weak and malnourished and appeared younger than they were. They came from an extremely impoverished and volatile environment. We have provided our children with a nourishing diet that has restored their health. Most of our students now look healthy,and are fit both physically and emotionally.


Since, the students spend twelve hours-from morning 7:30 to evening 7:30- of their day at the Academy, we take it as our duty to provide them three meals a day, as well as snacks and milk every few hours. We also take pride in the fact that with the proper nutrition we provide, has nourished our children, as well as brought a healthier glow to them. Umeed Academy also conducts regular health check ups to make sure that the children are healthy and striving.

Sports and Self Defense

Given the environmrnt our children come from, where they are susceptible to sexual as well as domestic violence, kickboxing is taught at Umeed Academy. and self-defense is given specific attention in these classes the right tools and facilities have been set up. In addition to teaching its kids how to protect themselves, Umeed Academy wants to keep them physically active and healthy. This sport wasn’t chosen on whim but after deliberate discussion. We are working in collaboration with Taponomics, an organisation that gives coaching on self defense through sports. The students at Umeed Academy practice under the guidance of Mr. Nuur Muhammad Bhutia, a martial art artist.

Research and Presentation

We have introduced research and presentation as a part of our curriculum, primarily focusing on subjects like science and social studies.

Every academic cycle has research and presentation which has been made an integral part of it, primarily meant to stress upon the importance of data analysis and research work. Our efforts are focused on teaching and familiarising the kids with the nitty gritties of research, data collection and analysis.

Presentation of research has also been given proper significance.
Renowned Greek politician Pericles once said “Those who can think, but cannot express what they think, place themselves at the level of those who cannot think”, therefore stressing upon the importance of presentation which embodies the understanding and comprehension of the research work undertaken by the students.

Not only do we focus on the work presented by the students but also the methods they use to present their content and themselves. There is proper and constant engagement with the their intellect, which is constantly questioned and tested in the duration of their presentation in order to prepare them for real world scenarios.

Morals and Values

The foundation of our curriculum is imparting moral and values. We want to give our kids a healthy environment where they can develop into unique individuals. Our children come from really dark backgrounds, which have perverted them in some way or another. Above all else, we want our children to be kind and decent people. We show children the distinction between good and bad, and between right and wrong. Every day in the morning, kids attend an assembly where morals and values are taught. Along with education, the teachers also work with the kids on language skills, fundamental manners, table manners, politeness, humility,love, compassion, mercy, consent,care ,appreciation and integrity. 

Combating Social Problems

Umeed initially visited underdeveloped target areas to promote clean, sanitary environments and safe drinking water, but as time passed, our team became aware of all the societal issues that come along with illiteracy. Today, in addition to providing imitable education,our efforts has also been toward addressing societal issues like child labour, child marriage, sexual and domestic abuse, and substance abuse.

Regular Anti- drug awareness programmes are held for the teachers, so that they are well aware about the ins and outs of substance abuse, girls are educated about menstrual hygiene,in order for them to be prepared when the time comes,studies have shown about about 70% girls don’t know anything about menstrual cycle until their first period;our aim is to destigmatise and educate people over the importance of menstrual hygiene, and we also persuade parents to oppose child labour and marriage.
In accordance with the RTE Act of 2009 and the POCSO Act, we ensure that children receive a proper education and are raised in a secure atmosphere.

Sustainable Development Goals


Goals are a set of global objectives finalised by the United Nations in 2015, which comprise of 17 major issues that ail the modern world. The terminology used is specific about the underlying threat of unsustainable standards, as it gives primordial importance to sustainable development which signifies the essence of sustainability in combined global efforts. Umeed Academy has undertaken the onus to work on 8 of the 17 objectives specified in the SDGs list, released by the United Nations in the year 2021.

We have concentrated our work and efforts in the areas that we believe need more attention and are those that we are competent to engage with.

To begin with, a majority of our work is focussed on eradicating the festering malady called poverty by educating children, we combat hunger by providing food for the children, ensure good health and well being of the children by providing routine checkup’s and regular healthcare facilities, we are very particular about providing them with quality education, promoting gender equality by admitting children from both sexes alike, we make sure that high standards of sanitation and clean water are followed.

We imbue the principles of equality and fraternity among our children to reduce the inequality prevalent in society. These objectives cannot be achieved single handedly but with the combined efforts and partnership with other social workers, NGO’s and other members committed towards a similar cause.

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