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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Umeed Academy accepts donations in both account and cash, however you have to provide us with your PAN number for every donation you make. 

Umeed Academy caters to children irrespective of their religion,although the majority composition of children at Umeed Academy is muslim, since our target regions are muslim slums and ghetos. However the number of non muslim children too is increasing by the day.

Yes Umeed Academy is 100% sponsored school, we refrain from using the word ‘free’. We sponsor everything that accompanies education, from school fees to books, uniform and meals. 

Umeed Academy caters to children who are orphan, destitute and belong to the impoverished background, the admission process is walk in; the guardian should bring the documents like birth certificate and other age proof, a preliminary exam will be taken to have an in depth knowledge of the child’s capabilities as well as an interview will be conducted for the parents, once everything is clear, the admission will be taken. 

It is a simple process when it comes to applying to be teacher at Umeed Academy; you can either mail your application with your resume at the official mail – – or you can drop by and submit your CV at the registered academy office, and a member of our team will contact you, if the vacancy arises. 
You can join the Youth Wing, which has more than 50 volunteers, of our Academy by contacting Mr. Yousuf Haque on +919830786771

Yes, Umeed Academy is a secular institution, but it caters mainly to the children from muslim community. It also aim at getting the minority affiliation and getting registered as a minority institute under the Article 30, that gives right to minorities to establish and administer educational institutions.

Yes, you can donate books,food and clothes for the children of Umeed Academy, as per the requirements of the Academy, one can not donate used things since, we cater the best things to our children. 

Yes, we accept anonymous donations, however we would like to inform you that 30% of your donations would be given while filing the IT return if the donor wishes to be anonymous