Why Trust Us?

FOOD AND HEALTH- When the children first came to us ,they were weak, malnourished and didn't even look their age. They came from a very impoverished and volatile environment. We have provided our children with a nourishing diet that has restored their health. A seven year old looks like a seven year old and is fit, physically and emotionally. And we have been able to achieve this in just two two years, Alhamdulillah.

ACADEMICS- The children are provided with a rigorous curriculum which has improved their writing and communication skills.The children who didn't know how to read a sentence are now following English books and solving math problems of class 2 and 3.They have beautiful hand writing which is the result of the sheer hard work of the teachers who constantly keep a check on it.

ART AND CRAFT- The children love doing art and craft. At Umeed , we believe in a holistic approach to education and hence encourage the children for art and craft as it helps them develop creativity and moulds their brain into a progressive thinker. They are outstanding at art and craft and have won accolades in art and craft competitions they participated in.

ISLAMIC STUDIES- Our children are taught Qur'an every day. Most of them have memorized Surah Rahman, ayats from Surah Bakarah, various small Surahs , the arkans of Hajj and Fasting and various extraordinary duas like the dua after viewing the moon, the dua for rain etc to name a few. They are also taught Seerat and Hadith.

MIXED MARTIAL ARTS- It is taught every day by Mr.Noor Bhutia and his son Norain Bhutia who are one of the finest martial arts expert in the city. Our children enjoy it thoroughly and have made remarkable achievement in this field. They participated in Fit Expo 2019, which is an international championship tournament for mixed martial arts. Six of our children participated and won various accolades. All of them came back with a medal and Rahul Mohammed, our student, won the championship.

SALAH- Our children offer Salah regularly ,of all times as long as they are with us.We plan to make our children Haafiz-e-Qu'ran InshaAllah and to prepare them for this life and the hereafter alike. They are also taught Seerat and Hadith.

MORAL EDUCATION- It is the core of our curriculum. We wish to provide our children with a holistic environment where they can grow as individuals. The backgrounds that our children came from is quite dark, and has corrupted them in someway or the other. Before anything else, we want our children to be good and benevolent human beings. We teach them the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. We have a morning assembly every day where they are taught morals and values. The teachers, along with teaching, are equally engaged in correcting the children with their language, prohibiting them from using slangs, teaching them basic manners, toilet manners and even how to eat.

FACILITIES- Our children are provided with the best of facilities to ensure a holistic environment. They have a comfortable space of 2800 sqft, study materials that include text books, copies, stationary and individual desks. The children have also been provided with 3 sets of uniforms. They have an AV room too. They are provided individual attention by our qualified teachers. They are also given toys for recreation. They also have regular health check-ups.

RECREATION- We take our children to interschool competitions and to picnics every year. It is important for our little wonders to venture out and get to know the world outside Umeed.

ALTRUISM- We teach our children the art of giving. It is essential to have altruism in our lives so that our community can thrive and succeed as a whole. Without altruism, a community does not prosper together. This lack of altruistic efforts towards a better community will result in a selfish society spiraling into disaster.