Managing Comittee

As we know that no work is possible without a strong and supportive team, we are blessed to have mentors who form the core team at Umeed Academy and have played a pivotal role in the establishment of the institute. They are:

Ms.Asma Alam (Executive Director) She is an educator working passionately for the past 20 years organizing quizzes and fests with the aim of educating and inculcating true Islamic values and knowledge to children. Being the founder of Al Falah an Islamic weekend School, her distinctive way of interacting with students is well acclaimed. She has mentored Teacher's training program based on Multiple Intelligence and been part of framing curriculum that included activity based approach. Her aim in life is to nurture children with deeply ingrained ethics such that they serve as assets to society. Working forward towards her goal, she is now involved in parent coaching, which she believes is a pressing concern in the present changing world scenario. In every essence, she is a strong advocate of empowerment through education. Soft spoken and media shy, she however resolves to work tirelessly to incorporate a balanced and value oriented program that benefits the community.

Ms.Gazala Imam (Secretary) She is an undeniable example of an empowered woman making complete use of her skills and investing her time to create an impact on the society. She is presently academic coordinator at Umeed Academy. She has been a teacher at D.A.V. School Patna for more than half decade. She has taught and molded many children into men and women with personalities capable of making a remarkable change. She uses her leadership skills to lead Team Umeed and is a backbone and a support system to Umeed Academy.

Mr. Yousuf Haque (Treasurer) He is an epitome of resilience and strife, is a person whose life is imbued with adversities, but each time he's come out shining. A modest and comfortable individual whose presence and participation in Umeed Academy is commendable. A person who has stood strong and survived last stage cancer. He's dedicated the rest of his life towards the welfare and prosperity of Umeed Academy and will struggle and strive to maintain the hospitable ambiance for as long as he draws breath. He is a Graduated in Business Administration from University of Madras, Professionally Qualified and Diploma in Computer Application and Desk Top Publishing, An Artist in Pencil Sketch and also served in Akhbar-E-Mashriq a leading Urdu News Paper for more than decade as an Executive Editor. He has been a Financial Consultant in Private and International Banks & Trading Institutions for a decade. Carrier Guide, Trainer & Mentor and life Coach for about a decade.

Ms. Shabana Anwar (Academic Consultant) She is associated with Umeed Academy as an Academic Consultant and is responsible for training of teachers, designing and execution of curriculum. She started her career with teaching preschool children in California and slowly grew as a professional to become a teacher educator. She has taught children in the pre-primary and primary levels in USA and India and is working towards bringing innovative pedagogies in the classroom for two decades. She was a faculty in Modern Academy of Continuing Education and Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy for over a decade. She has conducted various professional development workshops for Pre-service and In-Service teachers. She has an expertise in Early Childhood Education and has earned her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University in USA. She believes that learning is for life and sees every challenge as an opportunity for learning.

Mufti Anwar Khan Sargiroh (Academic Advisor) He is associated with Umeed Academy as an academic advisor. He is a Mufti (Islamic lawyer), also a Hafiz , an Aalim and Saba Ashra Qari. He got his degree and studied from India's one of the most recognized Islamic University Dabhel (Gujarat). After pursuing his education, he was one of the founding members of Millat School (Mumbai) and served there as a head of the academics for many years. Currently he is teaching and managing Islamic studies of more than 100 schools across the country. He is also an entrepreneur; he is into the business of organic farming and agriculture and is also involved in real estate business. He has also worked with renowned scholars like Maulana Sajjad nomani and Maulana Salman Nadwi. He is also the founder of Halal Council of India, which gives halal certificate to multinational companies, food brands and hospitals across the world.

Mr. Abhishek Mukherjee (Manager) He had joined the Indian Armed Forces in the year 1999, during his 18 years of service he was posted in Jammu & Kashmir for 9 years, 2.5 years in ( COUNTER INSURGENCY AREA) at Rajouri sector, 1.5 years at Sri Nagar, 2.5 years at Udhampur and again 2.5 years at Leh Ladakh and the Siachen battlefield. Apart from Jammu and Kashmir he even served in peace stations like Chandigarh, Ambala, and Ganganagar( Rajasthan) which is about 40km from the Pakistan border. He joined the army in AAD( ARMY AIR DEFENCE) and after that he moved to Army Aviation and he served their for almost 7 years. He achieved GOC IN- C ( General officer commanding in chief) commendation during his service. After taking voluntary retirement he joined Umeed Academy as a manager. He has great managerial and leadership skills and a great sense of discipline and responsibility and now he is imparting these characteristics to our children at Umeed Academy. Apart from his professional life, after his retirement from the armed forced he spends time in travelling and expeditions, he likes keeping rare birds, fishes and animals of different species as pets. He is a true lover of nature, he has great interest in gardening and organic farming too. He loves spending time with children. He has dedicated his remaining life for the cause of Umeed Academy. Above all he is a a great soul !